Enjoy your custom crafted Music lessons. We make the flame out of your spark!

Learning music improves your mind and spirit in so many ways that it will alter your life forever.
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Learn at your time, your place, and your pace with Vikas Music!

Vikas Music founded by Vikas Tripathi, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and teacher is one of the best music coaches in Mumbai, focused to make you achieve your musical dreams with his customized practice notes for every lesson. To guarantee the success of aspiring vocalists and the growth of instrumentalists, he has begun his online teaching program. Under his online learning program, you will explore the proven methods that work and help you to enhance your singing and musical instrument skillset.

At Vikas Music, we consider that music is more than just a skill; it’s also a way of life, a way of thinking, a way to express oneself, and a travel companion. People come together through music as they learn about themselves and one another by listening.
Our Program

Vocal Courses

Youngsters progress from enjoying music to comprehending, appreciating, and making music! 

Hindustani Classical

The classical music of Northern India is called Hindustani vocal music. Vikas Music offers students from all over the world the exceptional chance to study Hindustani Vocal music in their comfort zones.

Devotional Songs

Learn for yourself, or educate and motivate your kids! Anyone can learn well-known Indian devotional songs easily and comfortably with these classes.


Learn how to perform ghazals in the form of poetry depicting the anguish of separation or loss as well as the beauty of love despite that pain.

Bollywood Songs

We make it enjoyable and simple for everyone to learn their favourite song, regardless of whether they have prior singing experience or not.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the best learning environments so that you can become one of the world's most blissfully trained and virtuous musicians.

Specialist Faculty

Teachers that are committed to inspiring students to love music and who are knowledgeable, creative, and motivating in every student.

Overall convenience

A selection of self-learning courses or live online classes taught by knowledgeable instructors. Learn at your own pace, location, and time.

Customized Education

Learn to play the music from your favourite movies or classical songs.

An Organized Curriculum

A learning route that is modular and has clear checkpoints. For beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners.

Our Class

Our Instrumental Classes

Discover your interests as you explore these music classes!



Proceed to learn the instrument only with Vikas Music's lessons. Learn the complexities of the harmonium through live, remote instruction by taking a course online or offline.



Start learning the sitar with Vikas Music's special courses, which are taught directly, live, and one-on-one by instructors. Achieve the best while learning the sitar with the best classes both online and offline.



The instructors have years of experience playing in orchestras, ensembles, events, and more. They have also spent years learning from master violinists. The goal is to teach as many people as possible that learning to play an instrument is doable and that becoming a pro is quicker than you may imagine.



Through live, one-on-one, interactive online and offline Esraj sessions, the Vikas Music gurus instruct students to play Esraj musical instruments and impart the art and skill of playing the traditional classical Indian instrumental music genre in a non-competitive, committed, and disciplined manner.

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Learn the fundamentals of music and excel.

Live, online and offline lessons with knowledgeable instructors, individualised instruction, and a top-notch curriculum! Develop your potential, start a job, and learn useful skills. Discover your motivation for learning music.
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What Our Students Say

So far, it has been a fantastic learning opportunity.



    I appreciate the Guru. I never imagined that a person sitting in a different part of the world could have such a phenomenal educational experience.



      The mentor has extraordinary teaching skills and breadth of knowledge.



        I can proceed on my own time and learn at my own pace.

          Judith Jain


          Bravo to the Vikas Music crew for their excellent cooperation and productivity. I'm so appreciative of this wonderful platform!



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